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Michael van Straten

The Good Sleep Guide

Sleep is a vital part of life, but it doesn't always come easily. In The Good Sleep Guide Michael van Straten gives plenty of advice on how to improve our sleep.

Many of us have a hectic lifestyle, and van Straten argues that this is to blame for our sleep problems. Such a lifestyle suggests a quick solution, that is sleeping pills, but these can so easily take over our lives. This book gives an alternative way to better sleep. Herbal remedies are part of this, together with aromatherapy and relaxation exercises, as well as making sure we have a suitable diet.

The book also looks at children's sleep problems, and at problems which occur after we've managed to fall asleep, such as snoring, nightmares and sleepwalking. There's a lot of material in a short book, but the author still manages to go into plenty of detail in his advice. I felt though, that after reading it, it was hard to recall any simple advice which would help the average person to sleep - it was more about large scale changes to your life. If you feel that you have become dependent on sleeping pills then this book gives a way out, and it would also be useful for those wanting a quick overview of sleep problems, but if you want to improve your sleep without a great change to your lifestyle then I would advise you to look elsewhere. info
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Product Description
Previously published as "Don't Just Lie There", this is a guide to understanding and overcoming insomnia. It examines the myths that surround lack of sleep and how much sleep people actually need, and discusses the effects of caffeine, alcohol, sleeping pills, stress and anxiety, and the causes of snoring. Advice is offered on eating and drinking habits, beds and bedding, clothing and room temperature.