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Most people will be familiar with the idea of teleportation from science fiction films, an such a device would be extremely useful but how likely is it that it will ever be created? In Teleportation: The impossible leap David Darling explains some of the discoveries which may eventually lead to a teleportation device. The book starts with a chapter looking at teleportation in science fiction, and then introduces the reader to the physics of teleportation and in particular to quantum theory. Darling then describes how recent experiments have brought quantum teleportation closer to reality.

In fact my criticism of the book is that it is more about quantum theory than about teleportation. It looks at the history of quantum theory, at quantum cryptography and at quantum computation. It might suit you if you want to find out about quantum theory but in that case I would recommend a book with some diagrams. My view is that when we do get a teleportation device, it will probably involve physics which is completely different to what is known as quantum teleportation today. The last chapter of the book does get on to discussing such, more 'classical', devices and the philosophical issues of teleportation, but I woul have like to have seen much more of the book devoted to this.  |  Chronon Critical Points  |  Recent Science Book Reviews