Seven Million Years by Douglas Palmer is packed full of information about the evolution of humans. As well as describing the many of the discoveries of fossil humans, Palmer explains the techniques used to make sense of these fossils, such as radioactive dating. He also looks at our similarity with other primates, especially chimpanzees, and sees what this can tell us about our origins. Later in the book Palmer examines how we came to use tools, and looks at the development of human language and society, as well as showing what genetic tests on present day humans can tell us about how we spread around the planet.

One thing I felt about this book was that it wasn't particularly good at inspiring enthusiasm for the subject in its readers. In books where the author is trying to persuade you of a particular point of view there is more of a tendency to 'get into' the arguments. This book isn't like that, its more of a straightforward overview of the facts. Palmer does manage to convey the information in a readable form though. Hence it would suit someone who already has an interest in the subject and would like to know more, without going into the technicalities."; include "amazinf.php"; ?>