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New Scientist

Richard L Gregory

Even Odder Perceptions

Richard L Gregory was an editor for the journal Perceptions. His book Even Odder Perceptions is a collection of his editorials from the journal, expanded into essays. (The book follows his earlier work Odd Perceptions)

Gregory writes on a wide range of topics, but I would say that if you read this book then it should be for the essays where writes on his areas of expertise. Others may disagree, but I felt that the essays where he gets away from these areas tended to lack a central thread. There was also a bit of repetition between the essays - one of Gregory's favourite topics is arguing for the error of the Quantum=Mystery, Consciousness=Mystery ∴ Quantum=Consciousness claim.

But there are still plenty of essays where Gregory has something of interest to say. There is an essay on the experiences of those who have been blind since early childhood and has their vision restored - how they learn to see again. Those readers with an interest in the nature of the mind will get a lot out of the Mind in a Black Box chapter as well as several of the other essays. There is also a chapter on Exploratoria - Gregory did a lot towards the development of the one in Bristol. I would recommend in particular the last two chapters on the work of Adelbert Ames and the descriptions of illusions.

Product Description
Our senses bring us all the information we have about the outside world, but do they tell the truth? If you've never questioned this before you may be about to.
Take a stroll round the fertile garden of famous scientist Richard Gregory's mind. You will be led, through a series of whimsical tales and amusing anecdotes, to a personal vista of some of the most profound and puzzling questions in science today.
Almost without realising you will be drawn into the debate on Hamlet's feelings, Schrodinger's cat, thinking machines and much more. You may be charmed, entertained, amused or confused but you will always be left pondering.