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Mark Ridley

A Darwin selection

Darwin is well known for his works on evolution, in particular the 'Origin of Species'. However he worked in many other areas of biology, and it is sometimes said that even without his work on evolution he would have been considered one of the eminent biologists of the 19th century. In this book Mark Ridley has put together a selection of chapters from the works of Darwin, giving an indication of the breadth of his work. Ridley has chosen well, often helping to illustrate something of Darwin's mode of thought. Naturally there are chapters from the books on evolution, but there are also ones on his early work on the formation of coral reefs, and his later work on the action of earthworms.

Although Darwin is recognised as a skilled writer, and certainly aimed at the 'popular science' market, the length of time since he wrote means that reading his books can sometimes be something of a struggle - it takes some time to get used to his style of writing. Hence Ridley's selection is an excellent idea, giving the reader a gentle introduction to his books. If you are interested in reading more then you might like to know that many of Darwin's works can be read online at the Gutenberg project info
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"Here is Darwin in his own words, at once accessible and profound, ranging widely over many problems that fascinated him and through which he made discoveries that changed the world." ―From the First Edition

For this new edition of selected key passages from Darwin's nine most important books, Mark Ridley has added several elements. A new preface focuses on how Darwin's revolutionary writings can be best understood by modern readers, especially college students. The introduction and notes for each selection have also been revised, based on the latest Darwin scholarship. Finally, the bibliography has been updated, substantially expanded, and annotated to provide students with helpful hints on where to look for more information on Darwin as well as on modern interpretations of evolution.